Inspired Foods

Inspired Foods is a small natural foods company based in Cape Town with a passion for natural products made locally, as ethically as possible, and always hand made with love. Started as a passion for local, organic, free range, home grown ingredients (where ever possible) and expressed in a food blog, Inspired by Food. Through this love and passion for natural products, Umami Shake was created.

The concept for Umami Shake was inspired by researching possible uses for surplus shiitake mushroom stems, a by-product from a local supplier. I have always believed in using natural products and found a niche in the seasoning market for a natural seasoning, which does not contain any MSG, preservatives or additives as well as being naturally free from wheat and gluten.  Umami shake is made from shiitake mushrooms, garlic, herbs, Himalayan pink salt, and paprika to create a balanced savoury seasoning.

After two years of planning and perfecting, the first product in the Inspired Foods range was launched. Umami Shake is a natural seasoning made from Shiitake mushrooms, glorious garlic, himalayan pink salt, a special blend of herbs and the warmth of paprika. Using the principles of Umami, this product was created using no wheat or gluten, as well as no preservatives or additives. Umami Shake also contains no MSG, but the principles of Umami work the same way, enhancing the flavour of every bite, naturally.

Over the years, Inspired Foods and Umami Shake had slowly built a small customer base with regular orders from our customers – but the time has come now for some more growth and a few more changes, and Umami Shake has been discontinued, but we hope to produce another range of seasoning one day!

In addition to conceiving and creating the product, I have also done all of the design work for the brand and packaging.